Delivering a Rich CiviCRM End-User Experience

While CiviCRM's ability to maintain a broad collection of information on contacts, events, participants, etc, is one of its strengths, its ability to encapsulate all of this information into a concise and usable format for (front) end-users is lacking. This is not without reason; rather, the power of the underlying CMS should be leveraged to create a rich and powerful user experience.

In this presentation, we will examine a real-world application which implements a tabbed metaphor using Drupal views, blocks, and quicktabs to present information and profiles on CiviCRM events, participants and contacts. After a run through of the various facets of the interface, we will take a peek under the covers to see how it was constructed, using both Drupal and CiviCRM features, and will then add new content to the interface. Finally, we'll discuss how best to approach designing this type of user experience and will offer a few tips on its implementation.

Users will take away from this session a better idea of what is possible in having a rich and powerful user experience; Implementers will have a foundation on how to "make it happen"; and Developers will see ways that they can help to deliver a user richer experience.

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