It's complicated: New users' challenging relationship with CiviCRM

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) uses CiviCRM to help political parties and civic groups in developing countries organize and communicate more effectively. While Civi’s functionality is very useful for our partner organizations, the power and complexity of Civi makes the software a daunting challenge non-technical activists or organizers who didn't sign up to become computer geeks. During structured usability testing, we found new users stumbling over the plethora of capabilities that were completely usless for their use cases.

This session will discuss NDI’s user testing experience and resulting work with AGH Strategies to develop custom extensions that would clear out the cruft. By eliminating distracting options, our political organizing partners are more able to solve their basic needs. We will also have an open discussion on how we as an open-source community can make it easier to start up with CiviCRM, as well as how to balance the development of new features with the risk of letting CiviCRM's many capabilities get in the way of a clear sense of how to accomplish your goals.


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