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Relationships are built upon shared experiences. AGH Strategies helps nonprofits connect with supporters and track those connections. Using CiviCRM, organizations build and strengthen relationships with their constituents. We serve as partners through the whole process—design, implementation, training, and custom development—and provide spot support whenever needed.

Our staff know the nonprofit sector from the inside—fundraising, programs, and advocacy—and know how CiviCRM can be implemented and extended to meet the needs of your organization and mission. Based in Washington, DC, AGH Strategies serves clients in the metro area, Mid-Atlantic and South, and across the country.

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We're active in organizing the Washington, DC, CiviCRM community, and we know the value of face-to-face gatherings of users, developers, and others with an interest in CiviCRM. We're proud to be a sponsor of the CiviCRM User Summit.

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Andrew Hunt is Principal at AGH Strategies, CiviCRM specialists here in Washington, DC.  His background is in nonprofit governance, grassroots organizing, and environmental programs, and he started working with CiviCRM in 2006.  He first used it working at a fiscal sponsor: it was an easy way to give sponsored projects their own donation pages yet still route data and funds to the fiscal sponsor.  He started doing work on the side implementing CiviCRM, Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal for nonprofits, associations, and political organizations, and that grew into AGH Strategies.

His claims to CiviCRM infamy include writing the code for birthday and custom field reminder emails, petition thank-you pages, and most things relating to counties.

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