Arete Imagine Inc.

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Arete Imagine strives for excellence in creatively understanding and communicating the ideals and dreams of our Non-Profit customers. You understand your purpose and are passionate about your mission, our team knows marketing and communication. Together we can build a message that the world will hear and understand. What does all that mean on the day to day? 


Beautiful Web Properties

We know your message is unique and your web properties should be as unique as your message. We’ll work with you to craft the perfect solution for you that doesn’t compromise power and function for a beautiful interface because you need both.

Creative Design

We design beautiful things. From banners to business cards, brochures to booklets, we can take your idea and turn it into something beautiful. We can even help create and edit the content. 

Integrated Cloud Based Solutions

Track interactions with your web properties, follow up with automated and targeted marketing campaigns, record donations, manage events… We build smart solutions that give you tools you need while maintaining a seamless, single interface.

Why we're sponsoring : 

CiviCRM is a powerful open source tool for constituent relationship management. We're sponsoring the CiviCRM User Summit because we think CiviCRM is awesome. It provides a  much needed solution to organizations of all sizes and with a broad spectrum of budgets and skillsets. The CiviCRM User Summit will only expand the accessibility to this awesome tool. Knowledge is power and with the knowledge you gain from this user summit you will have the power to change your organization and in turn change the world. But don't take our word for it, come and see for yourself, I think you'll agree.

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